Do you fear public speaking?

Ever wonder if you are a good speaker? In this topic (and upcoming ones) we will discuss and learn about the importance of effective public speaking and about several skill sets and some tips that will make you a better presenter. I will not cover everything in this post because there are numerous correlated subjects which will be progressively posted.

Honestly, anyone, somehow or rather through out their life, will have to stand-up and speak to an audience of people, regardless if it’s just a hand full or by the thousands. Well, I presume one day, you have to present a speech on your weeding day, right.

Regardless if you are a CEO of a major organisation or the supervisor of a small work team, to remain a leader, you got to speak-up because when you stand-up to speak, you instantly become a voice of authority and sometimes inspirational, moreover your audience is waiting to hear what you have to say. One excellent speaker is Adolf Hitler, by profession an artist, but transformed into a powerful leader because of his ability to strongly speak and influence others. Even though I disagree with his fundamentals, but I admire his ability to speak-up.

Most of us do fear public speaking because we have a more reserved attitude, some of us are afraid to be rejected; moreover most of us lack the confidence to convince others. I have personally experienced all those fears and negative attitudes, but through out time, I have developed my speaking skills, and found out that I was actually a good presenter.

To overcome fear you got to face it. Frankly, I was scared to death when I made my first public speech, but my confidence pick-up and natured when I was accepted by the audience, as a speaker. Subsequently my fear subsides, but I haven’t mastered those feelings. To overcome it, I begin working (mostly practising) on developing my speaking skills. Recalling back, I even once used a mirror and a recorder to practice my speech before presentation, and it turn out to be effective. Subsequently, I became a better presenter through years of speaking to various level of audience. That’s why practice is important. Frankly, nowadays public speaking has become natural for me, but I still get nervous sometimes when I am facing an unfamiliar audience and on unfamiliar grounds. Well I guess that’s natural.

As a young manager or executive, you got to start moving up your organisation. How to do that if you weren’t noticed? Without mastering public speaking and overcoming your fears, you won’t be seen, moreover recognised as a leader by your leaders. If you are ambitious, it’s not a good sign if you sit and listen throughout general meetings. Meetings are all about communication and it only work two ways. Frankly, leaders are sported during presentations or general office meetings. You got to stand up and speak up! I don’t mean literarily stand-up, but sometimes it helps if you want to get the attention of everyone.

Here are some tips to consider, which could turn public speaking into a more positive experience for you. At all times, you got to consider all those positive things you bring to the audience because you probably know more than anyone in the audience about your topic or the area of your responsibilities. Don’t be afraid of leaving something out or forget something because the audience will never know. Remember, they didn’t know what you were planning to say in the first place. Frankly, most listeners would much rather be sitting where they are than standing where you are. So they feel for you and empathise with your situation. The audience usually wants you to succeed; they’re in your corner, not rooting against you (unless you are a politician giving a speech to your opposition), moreover many people in the room probably wish that they could do what you’re doing, so relax and enjoy being a star, moreover proving a point “you are a leader”. I will elaborate more on this subject in my upcoming posts. So please watch out for them.

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